Audio Restoration


What is Audio Restoration?

Audio restoration is a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections (such as hiss, crackle, noise, and buzz) from sound recordings. Audio restoration can be performed directly on the recording medium (for example, washing a gramophone record with a cleansing solution), or on a digital representation of the recording using a computer (such as a AIFF or WAV file). Record restoration is a particular form of audio restoration that seeks to repair the sound of damaged records..

How Sonic Octaves can add Value

If you have old but valuable tapes, cassettes, spools or any other medium, our state-of-the-art studio facility and sofisticated Digital Audio Workstations would help you restore your most valuable sound assets. Storing it on the CD or a DVD ensures that you are free of worries of how to take care of your valuable possession.

Audio Restoration at Sonic Octaves

  • Cassettes to CD/DVD
  • Spool tapes to CD/DVD
  • Hard Discs to CD/DVD