Artist Career Development


What is Artist Career Development?

What is Artiste Career Development? Well, it’s many things. Apart from mastering the respective artform that any artiste is pursuing, it is important that the artiste’s career should be developed in a very organized manner like careers in other professions. In order to pursue art as the profession or a career, there needs to be a methodology or a process through which the artlistes receives the career development path for artistes make their mark on the international horizons.

Sonic Octaves Artiste Career Development Plan

Sonic Octaves is conducting various workshops, training courses, seminars which would help the artiste manage and develope their careers more methodically. Participating in these programs would help the artiste understand the importance of focused career development which includes many other aspects alongside of mastering their art. Classes taught at Sonic Octaves are by accomplished music industry figures, live concert venues, and lab facilities furnished with the sophisticated recording and production technology used in professional settings. Whether you need assistance in pursuing your already distinct career goals or guidance in determining what those goals might be, the Sonic Octaves Artiste Career Development Program is here to work with artistes to equip them better for ever changing entertainment industry.

Probable Careers in Music Industry

  •  Careers in Contemporary Writing and Production
  • Arranger, producer, orchestrator, composer, film scorer/composer, jingle writer, songwriter, transcriber, copyist, conductor
  • Careers in Music Business/Management
    Advertising executive, booking agent, business manager, field merchandiser, music publisher, personal manager, professional manager
  • Careers in Film Scoring
    Film composer, music editor, music supervisor/director, film arranger/adapter, film conductor, film music orchestrator, synthesis specialist, theme specialist
  • Careers in Music Education
    Choir director, college/conservatory/university music educator, elementary school music teacher, music supervisor, private instructor, secondary school music teacher
  • Careers in Music Production & Engineering
    MIDI engineering, music director, producer, program director, recording engineer, studio director or manager
  • Careers in Music Synthesis
    MIDI technician, programmer, performing synthesist, music sequencer, sound designer
  • Careers in Music Therapy
  • Careers in Performance
    Vocal/instrumental soloist, session musician, general business musician, performing artist, orchestra/group member, background vocalist, floor show band
  • Careers in Professional Music
  • Careers in Record Companies
    A&R administrator, A&R coordinator, campus representative, consumer researcher, director of publicity, marketing representative, public relations counselor, publicist, regional sales manager
  • Careers in Songwriting
    Composer, jingle writer, lyricist, producer/songwriter, singer/performing songwriter, staff or freelance songwriter
  • Careers in Tours/Road Work
    Road manager, sound technician, tour coordinator, tour publicist

5 Essentials of Music Career Success

  •  Hone your talent and realize there is a place for you.
  • Connect with as many people as you can because relationships drive music careers more that anything else, even talent.
  • Accept the new powers in your corner and take responsibility for creating your own success.
  • Understand that every business is becoming a “music business” and so musical opportunities are multiplying.
  • Prepare to be versatile and to wear several hats initially, until your “brand” is established.