Association for Integrating International Contemporary Arts and Artistes (AIICAA)

A Corporate Social Responsibility initiative from Sonic Octaves

At Sonic Octaves Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a “feel good” initiative. Supporting Artistes and Arts is a very reason why Sonic Octaves is in existance. Sonic Octaves story started with the idea of providing the platform for the artiste to perform their art and also create economically viable opportunities. This way artistes taking up art as a career are encouraged to continue pursuing their passion in the field of Arts and still make a decent living out of their work.

What do we do to achieve our goals

  • Create opportunities for the live performances.
  • Help artistes with the professional recordings.
  • Plan and Execute Mega projects which would involve the upcoming artistes.
  • Provide the web presence to the artistes by providing the free web space for them.
  • Create the mutually beneficial environment for the artistes.