Music Albums


What Music Albums we produce?

Sonic Octaves is producing the Music Albums based on various themes and genres. It ranges from the global contents to the localized contents. Sonic Octaves makes the music albums in the form of physical CD units and also in he form or digital downloads.

What is the criteria for producing an Album

The foremost criteria for producing music album through sonic octaves is the quality. Sonic Octaves belives in the standards of artistry and support the artiste who demonstrate an excellent mastery over their art. Producing what sells is not the criteria at Sonic Octaves. We believe in producing the best and then sell it as there are always consumers for best and greatest products.

Sonic Octaves Produces

  • Indian Classical
  • Semiclassical
  • Fusion
  • Western
  • Relaxation
  • Thematic
  • Religious